Friday, April 13, 2012

A Big Life Change

When I got married in 2001, I did so with the intent of being married forever. After all, I thought I had married the perfect woman.

Had a nice little affair with these
Shortly thereafter I bought my first pair of Brooks Beast running shoes. I remained as loyal to them for 10 years as I did to my wife. It was the perfect running shoe. In fact, I had never run with any other brand of shoe...until last week. Imagine how angry my Beasts were when I set a pair of Saucony Gridvantages, a pair of trail running shoes I usually wear while wandering about the house,  next to them in the closet, stuffed with sweaty running socks.

Yes, I should have been more sensitive.  I guess I was feeling invincible.

10 good years with these.
A couple days ago, emboldened by my recent affair, I ordered a pair of shoes online.  They weren't Brooks Beasts. They were Brooks Ghosts. I believe this would be the equivalent of leaving your wife for her cousin, a much slimmer, less controlling cousin. They haven't arrived yet, so I took one last spin in the Sauconys. It was quite a spin, 11 miles of heavy breathing at the park.

Can't wait to try these out.
I'll admit I was feeling a little guilty, and then a friend of mine, a former cross-country coach, pointed out that the Beasts were a motion control shoe meant for pronators. I responded that I was a pronator and showed him my foot strike. He then informed me that I was supinating and had been wearing the wrong shoe for 10 years.  That eased the guilt for sure.  As it turns out, the Ghosts are for me. Let's hope it's a long term relationship with a lot of heavy breathing.

Oh, my marriage has never been better. That's what happens when you marry the perfect woman.

I do mean perfect!

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  1. Ha! I do wonder if footstoke diagnoses often depend on who is doing the diagnosis.