Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Book Review Part 2: Born to Run by Christopher McDougall

I know everyone's read this book.  I've read it twice.

I read it last September and loved it.  I included a review of it in my top running books of all time review that included Born to RunUltramarathon Man, and Once a Runner.  As with all successful endeavors, there was an anti-Born to Run, anti-barefoot running backlash, which made me reconsider just how much I liked the book, so I read it again.  

The book was better the second time.  

In addition to McDougall’s clear and sound arguments against the running shoe industry, he tells a great story and captures the joy of running.  I’m no barefoot runner, but the principles of sound running form (I contend it’s more a book about running properly than it is about running barefoot) he espouses, which I started implementing via Chi Running after numerous nagging injuries, have been invaluable as has my switch from an inflexible motion control shoe that caused numerous calf problems to a neutral running shoe.  

I even bought a pair of Kinvaras, but the toe box was way to narrow and I returned them.

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