Thursday, September 11, 2014

Big Cottonwood Marathon Preview

In two days I'll either be ambling my way to a Boston qualifier or in the crouch position, sucking my thumb in a port-a-potty.

The Goal

The Goal is simple. Run the marathon in 3:25 or less. I included several factors when determining this goal: (1) The elevation profile; (2) The fact I've completed two marathons; (3) I turned 45.

Let's start with my age. I am now 45. That means my Boston qualifying time has gone from 3:15 to 3:25. I'd like to thank my parents for having intercourse late 1968, allowing me to be born in July of 1969.

This is not my first marathon. I was just happy to finish my first marathon. That led to a conservative and enjoyable 2nd marathon, which I finished with a 13-minute pr and a negative split. I am confident I can not only finish this marathon, but finish comfortably. Been there, done that. Therefore, if I end up going out too fast and completely fall apart...oh well. If I truly give it my all, I can come to grips with a DNF.

The most important factor in determining my goal is the elevation profile.

Need I say more?
The Plan

There is no plan. I'm simply going to find the 3:25 pacer and become his shadow. When he runs, I run. When he grabs water at an aide station, I grab water at an aid station. When he eats, I eat. When he takes a dump in the porta-potty, I take a dump in the porta-potty. In the same porta-potty. At the same time.

I will execute this strategy until I look like this:

or feel like this lady on the left:

The truth is I feel strangely confident. I gotta feeling I'll be feeling more like this:

Wish me luck!

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