Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Running from Mediocrity in 2013

I know you don't care about my running goals and since nobody actually reads my blog, there's really nothing short of me posting naked pictures of farm animals that would attract enough readers to make me actually write a clever goals post for 2013, so you're stuck with this.

I just wanted to get them written down. I'll start with a quick 2012 recap, which I know you're dying to know about.

Finished 2012 with 1055 miles--an all time best. Set a 5-k, 5-mile, 10-k, 10-mile, half marathon and marathon pr.

2013 running goals
  • Set a 5-k pr (23:06)
  • Set a 10-k pr (48:02)
  • Set a 10-mile pr (83:20)
  • Set a half marathon pr (1:49:17)
  • Run a sub four-hour marathon (that would be a pr)
  • Run my first obstacle course race (signed up for Super Spartan run on April 6)
  • Run the River Mountain Loop
Feel free to hold me accountable. I have other goals for the New Year that are far more important than running goals, but they're for another forum.


  1. We have a lot of the same goals for next year. Have you joined a team for Spartan?

    1. I have. I think we start at 3:00 or 3:30. I'm guessing you and your blogmates have a team.

  2. What do you mean "nobody" reads your blog? :^)

    I think you can get those goals. Just stay healthy!

    1. Perhaps it should have said "only people that matter read my blog"? That would have been more accurate, but I'm too humble to say such a thing, so I use meiosis instead.