Saturday, January 7, 2012

Running in Vegas

The disastrous Las Vegas Rock-n-Roll Marathon--and by disaster I'm referring to ridiculously large crowds, poor organization, and people drinking poisoned water causing them to vomit and poop uncontrollably--has led some to believe Las Vegas is not a great place to live for runners.  Not true.

Although the heat in the summer reaches baked potato-like temperatures, the other nine months are wonderful for those who enjoy a nice jaunt outside (the summer gives us air conditioned indoor tracks, treadmills, and mornings (before six only)).  It's been sixty degrees or higher and sunny every day for nearly two weeks.  I'll trade in months of below freezing temperatures for sixty-five and sunny and a slight chance of violent diarrhea any day.

Bring your (own) water when you run here!

Today's weather was perfect for running.  My calf, however, didn't think so.  I shut it down after 3 miles as a precautionary measure.  I could have run all day, if I wanted.  Better safe than sorry, though.  It's good to see my take-it-easy pace is faster than my former go-all-out pace.

I was going to start two-a-day runs on Monday but I'm just not 100% confident in my calf, so I'm going to go double workouts instead.  Here's my schedule for the next week:

Monday A.M: Max Interval Cardio        
Monday P.M.: 5-mile low key run.
Tuesday A.M: Core Cardio and Balance
Tuesday P.M.: Chest, Shoulders and Tris
Wednesday A.M.: Sleep in                      
Wednesday P.M.: 3-mile track run: 23-minute goal time.
Thursday A.M.: Pure Cardio                  
Thursday P.M.: Max Cardio
Friday A.M: Core Cardio and Balance    
Friday P.M.: Back and Biceps
Saturday A.M.: 8-mile run                      
Saturday P.M.: X2 Core
Sunday: Rest

It's an ambitious schedule, I know.  There's only 16 miles of running for the week.  There's 2 Max Insanitys, one regular Insanitys and three semi light core workouts.  There's two weight workouts.  All cross training workouts are synergistic in nature and will improve conditioning.  I'll evaluate and turn a couple of morning workouts into morning runs next week.


  1. Your workout schedule looks good. I really need to start doing more cross training.

  2. That's a *tough* schedule--good for you. Since my husband wants me to take a break from marathon training this spring, my focus will be on speed and strength training. I may need to look into some of those workouts you do--though anything requiring coordination or choreography of any kind is usually a disaster for me.

  3. The schedule is ambitious. Too ambitious? If so, I'll scale it back. You can get faster without losing too much endurance if you do the right kind of training. I did P90X and Insanity and ran hardly at all for about a six month period and I got faster at all distances. There's some good "off season" programs that can help you get faster and prepare for the hard training.

    Cross training has given my running a huge boost, although I need to start putting in some serious miles before I run out of time.