Saturday, February 18, 2012

Miracle Cures for Running Injuries: Plantar Fasciitis

I was blessed with an delightful case of Plantar Fasciitis last summer.  Here's how I took care of it.

How it Feels - It's like having bruises on your feet, especially on your heel.  Once it progresses, it feels like you're stepping on glass.

The Reaction - You will notice your feet are a little more sore than usual.  You'll want to put on shoes soon after waking up.  After a few days you'll be in denial that you have an injury; after all, you think, it goes away a few minutes into a run, even if my feet are really painful once I cool down.  Eventually you'll admit you have a problem and seek help.

Doing Nothing? Don't be stupid.  The longer you ignore Plantar Fasciitis the higher your odds are of having it for like six years.  Very few people really fully get rid of PF once they get it.  This is not an injury to play around with.  I repeat: Don't mess around with PF.

Standard Treatment.  Rest, Ice multiple times per day, stretch your calves multiple times per day.  This will help you run through minor cases of PF.

Miracle Cure #1.  Once you start feeling the heel glass on a regular basis, it's time to see the podiatrist.  You should have one objective in mind when you walk into his office: a cortisone shot.  They're like magic.  You'll be back full blast within a week.  Continue to stretch and ice just in case.  If the doctor does not recommend a cortisone shot, ask for one.  He may try to set up multiple appointments which will give him multiple opportunities to take your money.  He may recommend orthotics.  Play along.  Just make sure you get the cortisone shot.  If he refuses to give you one, find a doctor who will.

Miracle Cure #2.  Get a wooden foot massage roller thing.  Roll your foot over it when your brushing your teeth.  The pain will go away almost immediately.  Don't forget to continue stretching and icing.
Miracle Cure #2
Miracle Cure #3.  Do some barefoot workouts.  This flies against conventional wisdom.  I don't care.  It works.  I started doing Insanity workouts barefoot and on a mat.  I had no problems.  No, I'm not a minimalist runner.

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