Monday, December 12, 2011

How to Cope with Running Injuries

Most runners have to deal with injuries.  Use these suggestions to make the most of your down time.
  1. Complain a lot.  People are dying to hear about your sore groin, aching knee, sore quadriceps and strained soleus.  
  2. Feel sorry for yourself.  Make yourself a victim.  Talk about how the world is unfair and how you'd be an Olympian if it weren't for all your bad luck.
  3. Sit a lot.  Don't do any exercise.  Cross training is for sissies.  Either you run your hardest at all times or you sit on the couch.
  4. Eat.  Since you're not exercising, you might as well eat unhealthy foods, all the time.  Look at recovery time as an opportunity to indulge.  You'll soon start looking forward to running injuries.
  5. Try to injure others.  You can't run.  Why should they be able to?
  6. Blog.  This will allow you to complain a lot, talk about how the world is unfair, sit down, eat, and give poor advice so others injure themselves.
You'll learn to love getting hurt when you follow these suggestions.

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