Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Revolutionary Marathon Strategy and a Double Plyo Debut

I'm not sure why I'm able to do 80 minutes of high intensity plyometrics without any pain in my calf when running four miles makes me feel like someone implanted a tennis ball in my lower leg.

Because of my calf injury, my unconventional training methods are being put to the test immediately.  For those who may not remember my training philosophy and my problem with traditional marathon training methods, I've approached the marathon in a completely different manner.  I'm only running three days per week.  One day is reserved for long runs.  One day is reserved for an easy run.  One day is reserved for an intermediate distance run.

Two days, however, are devoted to high intensity cross training.  Just in case the calf never heals I'm going to cross train my way 26.2 miles.  Here's a list of exercises:

  • Mile 1 - Heisman.  This involves bringing the right knee to the chest, hand out like a Heisman Trophy, followed by the left knee.  Repeat until mile is over.
  • Mile 2 - Jumping Jacks.  Do not run next to me.  You will get punched and punched hard.
  • Mile 3 - Plank Walk.  Get in push up position, perpendicular to the course.  Walk on hands and toes to the side for a mile.
  • Mile 4 - Power Jumps.  Jump vertical.  Bring knees above the waste to hit your hands.  Get in my way and I'll bring knees to your face.
  • Mile 5 - Reverse Squat Jumps. Start in the squat position, core tight, hands in front.  Do a 180 jump, landing in the squat position.
OK, you get the point.  Maybe I should just hope the calf recovers.

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